A Terrifying Shock

Ignorance: not recognising.
How is that a shock?

How many people on Earth recognise their true nature of pure awareness of ultimate being? They may be aware of their job, family, interests, church or being Buddhist, but how many recognise, realise and rest in pure awareness? A handful? If this is so, then most of this planet lives in ignorance.

Evolution is about progressing, advancing, evolving. Of course, we can advance in our job, dynasty, interests, church or Buddhist studies, but are we advancing in higher consciousness?

The world that surrounds us is constantly ‘upgrading’ the consumer: we become part of that ‘upgrade’, but advancing spiritually – consciously, and in compassionate understanding – means resting longer in unconditional wisdom.

Enlightenment is a continuous flat line of being, without any personal attitude; an enlightened being is therefore able to benefit others where needed.

Is that what seven billion people are doing? It’s a terrifying shock to realise that sentient beings do not recognise their true nature. Realising this is the very cause of love, generosity, patience, discipline, morality, concentration and the wisdom of universal truth. The moment we recognise is the moment of liberation. We are free in the moment of seeing.

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  1. Jerry Browning says:

    Lovely piece of writing…..good and clear….thanks

    • tony says:

      Hello Jerry,
      Goodness and clarity is what we all have in common. The few that like to rules, do not want us to realise this, and so divide us.


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