Calling On Enlightened Ones From Afar

We all need inspiration from someone or something that we consider more profound than ourselves. It is psychological, but also inspiring, and is something to aim for. This sense of deep appreciation or devotion may be a temporary feeling or may last a lifetime. It all depends how useful or important we feel this connection is. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a prayer entitled “Calling on the lama (guru/teacher) from afar”. Theistic traditions call on God.

We are calling or longing for the realisation of our true reality.

Whether we consider that the deity is listening or not, or whether this is just psychological, if it works, do it. It may just feel good.

I tend to be a reasonable person using logic, but I also call on ancient wisdom so that the origin of this wisdom is not forgotten, and I am mindful that there is further to go. A nice polished ego can take us down into hell 🙂

There are formal prayers, but we can just imagine sitting with beings of light, soaking up the atmosphere. We may have a slight problem (from time to time) with living teachers, their students, their inner circle, their grand set up and their need for money 😀 but when we think of ancient ones, all the ordinary, human frailties vanish.

To be positive, even if we hate our teacher (and it’s possible), our memory of them is strong with us. We are not indifferent, so this still serves as a reminder of where we want to go, and could mean that it’s time to move on. Teachers and spiritual centres are like catalysts –  a person or thing can precipitate an event, pushing us over the edge, hitting the right button, illumining, enlightening, showing the way to go.

Just don’t hold onto annoyance: it’s never going to be a perfect world. The point is, that which sees this is perfection. It’s all about remembering.

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