Happiness Is Our Protection

Happiness is confidence; confidence in our ultimate reality being pure, natural consciousness.

“If we are the ultimate reality, why do we need protection?”

There are many levels of realisation: this is dependant upon the length of time it takes to remember and remain in pure consciousness. Tibetans give many prayers and offerings to protecting deities as there are always trouble-makers around. Whether we can provethis works or not is impossible to say, but life does seem to change and become more trouble-free. Perhaps this is to do with a change in our attitude, as we don’t see things as being a problem. Psychologically, it does work!

By my computer here I have two Thangka paintings of Avalokitesvara, the lord of compassion: one represents his peaceful aspect, and the other his wrathful one. These both symbolise loving compassion. This is obvious in the peaceful one, but the wrathful one represents energeticlove – it keeps me in order, in peace, and in happiness, saying “Grrr … do not move away from your natural state!!!” 😀

Ultimately, happiness is inner confidence that the Buddha’s teachings work, and that they cannot be destroyed. There is nothing higher than pure consciousness.

The only thing that can destroy ultimate consciousness
is ultimate consciousness itself.
It’s supposed to be like that.

This is how we ascend the levels.
We keep breaking the idea of ultimate consciousness
to realise ultimate consciousness.

There is no greater protection
than confidence in ultimate reality.

“Grrr … !”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing how things turn out.
    “Where on earth did that help come from?”
    “Earth? 😀 😀 😀

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