Precious Human Birth

What is precious about human birth? We have the opportunity, through speech, to communicate on a profound, insightful level concerning the true nature of reality. This is not about being clever, scholarly and poetic; it is referring to actual acknowledgement of our own natural, true nature. We are talking about the reality of pure consciousness being able to express itself.

This isn’t something highfaluting: it’s what we are, and it’s quite ‘ordinary’. Making it somehow ‘holy’ separates us from its true meaning, which is wholeness – acompleterealisation of consciousness.

But do we actually communicate about such things? No, because we are easily distracted and can only communicate on a mundane level about where we’ve been or where we’re going, thus obscuring this present moment. We learn a script and then play that out for the rest of our lives, claiming “This is me!”. Why claim so little, so soon?

Being human, we can ask questions. This leads to other questions, until we truly realise what we are. Asking questions so that we can merely spout answers is not the reason to communicate. Such utterances are just dream words. Even spiritual teachings can create dream arrogance.

Life is so precious because it is precarious. We acquire a view of ourselves as either mundane, unworthy, or superior; these states are synonymous with ignorance, fear, and desire – but we can change.

Pure consciousness – pure unbiased seeing – is always present, watching the good days, the bad days and the ugly days. That is precisely what is precious. Experience and realisation can make us smile at everything, especially when things go wrong … “Oh, I see why that happened!”

There are humans really trying to mess up the world for their own benefit, blaming the outcome on the people affected by the mess. Theymake the rules for usto follow.

Divide and conquer gains and maintains power by generating tension so that we cannot truly communicate. This is why there is an abundance of terror in the world. Encourage people to obsess about a belief, and that creates an opposition. Consciousness is being divided from pure to impure; this is easily done when desire and aversion are promoted. We are taught to hate the ‘enemy’, as humans like to dislike.

All we have to do is be aware. We may not be able to change a world that cannot communicate, but we can drop our own views.

There is only one view, and that is pure consciousness.
We all know that.

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