We Are Conditioned To Be Addicted
to being conditioned

This is hell, and we need to wake up.

In other words, we are led down someone else’s path, and we then maintain that. We have agreed to be conditioned, and this state of affairs has both a gross aspect and very subtle aspect. On a gross level, this conditioning affects everyone, while – on a subtle level – we don’t notice this happening. Once we are conditioned, we can then be ‘sold’ anything!

This is about creating conditional happiness, which is a happiness that relies on conditions. The sinister effect of this is that if the conditions are taken away, we become unhappy and so seek a further ‘fix’. The word ‘conditioned’ comes from Latin ‘condicio’ which is ‘agreement’.

Technology, although a wonderful tool, has become our master and is fed by us. We supply the information – the input – in social media in order to get ‘like’ – the output – so creating the desire for more input. We have become the prisoner and jailer, seeking more and more gratification through the dopamine hit of ‘likes’.

Social media has been specifically designed to fulfil this purpose. A former vice-president of Facebook said he feels “tremendous guilt” over his work on tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of society. He states, “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation; just misinformation and mistruth.”

This is proof that there are those who deliberately create chaos, confusion, suffering. If this new world brought about harmony and genuine love, there would be a positive point to it, but it actually does the opposite by promoting antagonism and hatred. When we judge, that leads to dislike or animosity, and that is addictive. Writings about the reality of unconditional love and happiness don’t get many ‘likes’!

Our path – our actual path – addresses the obstacles to self-realisation, and those obstacles are our own confusion. Our confusion is our spiritual path.

Wake up! There are those who actually want us to be confused.

When Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing,” he meant that, ultimately, appearances and emptiness are simultaneous. Our essential nature is clear consciousness, which is sometimes called emptiness. This means that there is no clinging to appearances, and so emptiness and appearance remain non-dual. We just see, without bias.

Unconditional love is not addictive, as it is challenging. Our spiritual path to enlightenment is the path to reality, ultimate reality. To understand this, we have to clear away the mental obstacles obscuring the enlightened state, which is the realisation of emptiness, that uncontaminated reality of our being – in other words, pure consciousness.

We can either realise our original true nature,
or we can become re-conditioned entities.

We drifted away from our original state
through attraction to something other.

Waking up is recognising our conditioning
– without guilt.

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