Short Cut To The Four Noble Truths
The realisation of the ultimate truth in one single moment

The four noble truths are; the existence of suffering, the cause of that suffering, the cessation of suffering, and following the path that leads away from suffering.

To clarify:
In order to attain liberation from suffering, we first must recognise that we are suffering – or that we are, at least, dissatisfied.
We desire and get irritated, and so we suffer.
The cause of that suffering is an identification with and defence of a me and mine.
We look for a system that brings an end to this suffering, and we practise.

We might assume that this is a long term process to clear our confusion.

Once we realise, however, that our very nature is pure consciousness then, whena disturbance or irritation – or suffering – occurs in the mind, that recognition realises that a self is being defended.

That moment of recognition is the instantaneous realisation of liberation; the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness.

The four noble truths are right here, right now, in a single moment.

Now, we only need to clean up our act, our karma. When we stop acting out*, enlightenment occurs. The degree to which we value this moment of happiness will affect the period we stay enlightened … a moment, or everlasting.

It’s only a matter of appreciating real happiness.

*Acting out: an out-of-control, self-interest mechanism.

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