We Are Never Separate From Truth

The truth is not ‘out there’. The truth is our very own clarity – the emptiness of knowingness. It is this pure perception that is the reality. That which is perceived has no reality, inspiring though it may be.

While ancient spiritual texts express our pure spirit of being, the only reality is in that pure spirit of being, rather than in the text itself. Not realising this, we live in hope and fear. Realisation is knowing the reality of our true nature, while being fully aware that beings are subject to distractions which downgrade and obscure that realisation.

Realisation cuts through the fog of polishing egos that cling to ancient text, while missing the absolute point that we arethat ancient text. When realised, others’ suffering does not go unnoticed: realisation is naturally empathetic and compassionate.

We are divided by a lack of love.
Recognising a lack of love
is the realisation.

In order to love,
w­e have to take ourselves out of the picture.
In love, we are not separate.

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