Esoteric Teachings

Esotericmeans ‘known by the few’, whereasexotericis ‘known by the many’. Exoteric teachings are the gradual paths comprising of methods that inspire us, convincing us to stay committed. These teaching have disciplines attached to them; the do’s and dont’s, and are outer teachings for those whom this method suits.

All spiritual teachings have an inner core of realisation. Dzogchen is one such teaching. It is a teaching that needs no practice: it just direct seeing in any moment, which affects our conduct. In Dzogchen, we only practise when we become distracted, and then we practise whatever suits to arrive back in the clarity of emptiness.

To simplify: we meditate to arrive at non-meditation, letting go of the method when emptiness is realised. Once we arrive at recognition, we drop the meditation and the meditator. From duality to non-duality.

It does not matter whether our meditation is good or otherwise, the recognition of emptiness is realised as ever-present. In Dzogchen, there is direct realisation of the nature of mind – pure empty consciousness. We apply a practice of meditation when we become confused or distracted.

When confused, we have to set the scene right, to an atmosphere of stillness so that we can arrive at realisation. Becoming a spiritual engineer, we recognise that there is an oscillation between duality and non-duality, moving in and out of consciousness, of waking and dreaming.

When we do not function properly,
we apply a method.

When we function properly,
we have worked it out.

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