Plumbing without a Plumber

As we progress along the path of exposing the false and hollow nature of ideas and beliefs about our self, we may experience a feeling of alienation towards the collective consciousness which is drifting along, driven by the winds of karma.

When sudden realisation that we are no longer aimless dawns, a shock of surprise presents itself – accompanied by sadness that all beings have the very same potential of realisation. Naturally empathetic compassion arises, along with a compelling sense of duty.

We are no longer an alien, but part of a conscious system. When we become connected to the truth about our reality, a conduit was created, which acts as a channel for transmission.

Conduit: to bring together.

A conduit is
clear and empty.

A conduit has
a direction.

A conduit can
manifest connections.

= the three Kayas!

Dharmakaya – emptiness
Sambhogakaya – cognisance
Nirmanakaya – unconfined compassionate activity

We are all plumbers at heart, wanting to connect.
It’s our nature!


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