Truth Is Beyond Belief

It does not matter what we think or believe the truth to be,
the truth can only be known
by that which recognises thoughts or beliefs.

And what is that?
That can only be pure consciousness that is present
before a thought or belief.
It is truly that simple.

As humans, we need thoughts and beliefs to function,
but these need not govern our reality.
Our work is to recognise these thoughts and beliefs
and not become attached to them,
thereby realising that we are the ultimate sovereign.
Life is therefore meaningful for all of us.

It is truly that simple.
What else can truth be?

It is thoughts and beliefs that brought us here.
To be released from this cycle of existence,
we merely have to recognise and let go.
At that moment, realisation occurs.

We are the happiness we seek.
We can either rest in that happiness,
or continue to look for something else.

The more we remember, the more we simply rest.

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