Confidence And Doubt
The system of good and evil

The only undeniable truth in which we can trust and have confidence is pure consciousness. It’s what we are; nothing else. It is by virtue of this sacred space of pure consciousness that everything is known.

Of all those sacred places in the world, the most sacred is the pure space of our own consciousness.

Through investigation, we gain confidence that this is the first and only truth. The origin of truth. We are therefore never, ever separated from the truth. Realising this, we gain confidence.

Life might not have turned out as we may have wished, but throughout it, pure consciousness has always been present. With this understanding, our minds become clearer and our needs simplify, as whatever we now do merely supports this investigation. We no longer chase after others’ dreams.

The great deception is doubt. If we believe that consciousness is a thing that only perceives, judges and reacts, we cannot acknowledge pure consciousness as we are too busy calculating, and our reality of pure consciousness becomes clouded. We cannot trust our thoughts and reactions because they have been tempered by being mixed with something other.

Seeing clearly is pure consciousness. As long as we doubt our true nature, we can never see clearly.

This is the governance of the system under which we live:
if we don’t see the system, the system is working.
Once we see the system at work, it no longer governs us.

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