Good And Evil On The Battlefield Of Indifference 

Spiritually speaking, the word ‘good’ refers to the ultimate truth of our nature, which pure consciousness. We all are good at heart, but unfortunately we give in to selfishness – badissimo! In fact, this is the basis of evil. Evil is anything that obscures our pure consciousness – which, in fact, is everything that distracts us. If we are unaware of our ultimate nature, we will continue to be indifferent or ignorant of that ultimate nature, remaining partial to a self identity and restricted to a set of ideas about ourself.

We are so much more than this.

For those who are indifferent, the words ‘truth’ and ‘evil’ will remain in the realm of conventional consciousness as an exaggeration, and nothing to do with them. Our mind is the distraction battlefield, while the very nature of this mind is pure consciousness itself. See how easy it is to become confused? 😀

We are uncontaminated empty space of consciousness ( ) but we dwell in the dot of a false identity within that space ( . ).

Globally, this is a game of two sides, with humanity – the great indifferent – in the middle. Evil seeks to manipulate the indifferent, and good seeks to negate this evil influence.

The truth is that evil can show us the way, once we recognise its influence.
We are then free in the moment of seeing.
Game over!

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