The Very Delicate Matter of Inspiration

Inspiration is connection: “Eureka! I found it!” We recognise. The moment we connect, we have arrived, and there is no longer a need to hold on to whatever or whoever inspired us. We are free.

If we hold on, we project and obsess, becoming attracted to the form that becomes a belief – and belief is a powerful prison. We are imposing an idea on our creation, and this binds us.

In deity practice – which is known as Guru Yoga, and regarded as the path of devotion – the visualisation practice is completed by dissolving everything.

If we are preoccupied by holding on to the deity visualisation or the lama/teacher, we can lose original insight. Devotion is deep appreciation: the moment we appreciate, the effect has taken place and the connection is made. The effect is empty cognisance, an clear conduit where everything passes through. If we hold on to the connection, the connection becomes sticky and attracts fluffblocking the conduit! 😀

When we are told to see the lama/teacher as a Buddha, it is we who are projecting this idea. This defers the realisation that we, too, are Buddha nature.

Let it be.
There’s another coming up behind!

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