Dealing With An Agitated Mind

Simply be aware of that which is aware of the agitation,
and rest that clarity.
The same goes for all emotions.

Knowing that the Sanskrit word for ‘suffering’ is ‘duhkha’
doesn’t help, does it?

There is no magic in Pali, Sanskrit, or Tibetan languages: it is the meaning that comes from silent realisation of pure experience that is important. The formulation of vowels and consonants are metered to chant nicely in those languages, and that’s all. Their only power is in our imagination – it’s psychological.

Simply adopting foreign words (where there is an equivalent in your own language) is pompous, and an unnecessary cultivation. If we cultivate, we create a cult attitude, and are blind to the greater picture. To walk into a cafe and ask for a fried yumurta anywhere other than Azerbijan would just cause confusion … 😀

It is the realisation of experience that brings forth true confidence. We deal with confusion by simply being aware of that which is aware of the confusion, and rest that clarity. We don’t need to make life more complicated.

Pure consciousness is not Buddhism. Buddhism offers a way to realise pure consciousness here and now, but we don’t have to be Buddhist to realise our true nature … the Buddha wasn’t. The same goes for God consciousness; we don’t have to be Christian – Christ wasn’t.

If we walk around with a badge saying “I’m Buddhist” or “I’m Christian” (or anything else for that matter), we will remain in a duality. Having a badge doesn’t mean the door will open. When we drop the badge, we realise that we are already through the door.

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