The Two Aspects of Our Being

The pure, empty spirit of cognisant consciousness, and reflections of thoughts and images.

Our absolute being is like an clear mirror that reflects everything without comment. When this pure consciousness (absolute truth) attaches itself to thoughts and images, we called that relative truth, because we are relating to phenomena.

This relating is in the nature of memories and judgements, and that is why we just react, going into our usual act or programme. If we are subject to reacting to these memories and judgements, then we can be manipulated. How do we get memories and judgements? Education and the media. Oh, you thought you were original?! 😀

These images in the mind have no actual reality, but because we relate to or believe in them, they seem very real. The words and images on this computer screen are only seen in the mind via the brain mechanism and senses. We may think that thoughts are just seen, so why should we bother about whether they’re inside or outside? Well, it takes time for that seeing to be processed in order for us to make decisions. The problem is that we do not see clearly because, a milli-moment later, we relate to memories and then judgements, and that clouds our reality. We stop seeing and start relating, and we have moved from being mode to having mode.

To realise our true nature – which is Buddha nature or enlightened nature – we use six instructions that are the path to true realisation. Five relate to relative truth (our everyday experiences) and the sixth is the enlightened realisation.

These six instructions are our path to enlightenment: generosity, patience, morality/conscience, discipline/perseverance, meditation/concentration and wisdom. Wisdom (or transcendent knowledge) is the goal; that is pure consciousness.

Now, there are two paths we can take. We can either start with the five relative instructions for daily life and gradually realise the sixth, or we can start with the sixth, and use the five to support our conduct in daily life.

By the way, pure consciousness is being original!


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