Levels Of Consciousness

As we train our mind, we raise the level of consciousness. By remembering and valuing pure consciousness, the frequency of forgetting shortens, and so we stay in pure consciousness longer.

Distractions cause us to wander off, and we forget what we are (distractions are mental obscurations to which we cling, and fixate about). Remembering cuts through all mental obscurations, and we are free in the moment of seeing. But how often do we remember?

The diagram below is not literal: there may be ten levels or billions of levels – or perhaps we group. They do say birds of a feather flock together… We can be the judge of this as we know how often we remember, don’t we? However we are, we can change in an instant!

Intellectually, we can see how most people live their lives, in various levels of distraction; this could be termed ‘various levels of ignorance’. Most of us live in the past or future. Conversations are either lost in history (what we’ve done) or geography (where we’ve been) … distractions, distractions, distractions… How often do people live in the moment now?

But there is something constant that goes unnoticed. The dotted line represents our endless, pure nature of conscious awareness, our Buddha nature or enlightened nature. The wavy lines indicates how often we wander off, indicating how often we return to sanity.

We all have a principle that makes our life worthwhile. In Buddhism, this principle is pure, compassionate awareness. The more we remember, the more we return and rest there.

The dotted line is our ruler, our guide: we may wander off but, in remembering, we return again and again. The trick is not to wander off! This is about the clarity of cognisance. Enlightenment occurs when we never wander off, day or night.





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