Ultimately, We Become Apostates

In the moment of pure consciousness,
we abandon all claims and beliefs.

Apostate: Middle English from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostatēs – apostate, runaway slave. Abandonment of a claim, right, possession, a cause, bad habit, or way of life. Renouncing religious or political beliefs or principle.

Ultimately, we become non-conformist renunciants.
Jesus was. Buddha was. Socrates was.
Anyone who transcends this mortal coil is.

Concepts and beliefs are a dangerous business. We are led to believe that an apostate is someone who no longer believes and is, at the least, shunned. No longer believing could be seen as equivalent to blasphemy, the act of insulting a deity, or showing a lack of reverence toward something considered sacred. The scary thing is that, in some social circles, one can be arrested or even put to death for not believing.

Some religions consider blasphemy to be a religious crime, so if we do not go along with religious beliefs, this could be thought of as a hate crime. Nowadays, this ‘thought crime’ extends to matters such as gender reorientation; we are told to believe what another believes.

Being shunned by fellow students is part of the fixated mindset. There are spiritual students who will not talk to others because they do not believe in the same way. Nothing changes: in the middle ages, if a man healed people with herbs and medicines he was thought of as an apothecary, whereas if a woman did the same, she would have been condemned as a witch. Simply put, we are supposed to know our place.

Religion means ‘to bind’.
It seems we have to believe what we are told,
rather than realising that we are actually free in the moment of seeing.
In pure consciousness, there in nothing to hold onto.

We should all be mindful of what we do, think or say.

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