Exposing The Truth

Exposing the truth is a matter of exposing this pretentious self whichattempts to impress by affecting greater importance than it actually possesses. The truth is exposed in the moment of seeing our unconscious corruption. We are not what we see: we are the seeing. Pure consciousness.

This is important, as we can now see the true value of things. There are two aspects here. One; we no longer exaggerate. Two; all appearances spontaneously remind us that they have no permanent reality. In the moment of seeing, recognition is spontaneously present; seeing and the recognition of seeing are a union.

If we do not recognise that seeing (skilful intelligence) is taking place, then we become lost in a world of exaggerated illusions. Realisation is knowing the true value of life, which is the ability to end suffering, knowing that we are not this body and mind fixation – the private world of our experiences.

This body and mind does suffer, experiencing residues of trauma (emotional shocks following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may lead to long-term neurosis). If we cling to that ‘wound’, it will become a life sentence.

Incidentally, spiritual materialism can also cause trauma as we may be told to see things in a certain way while, in time, we start to see them differently, which can be quite a shock. We may be told that we should be“happy for no reason”,meaning that happiness does not rely on conditions. But then we realise that happiness does comes from something; it arises from the realisation that we are pure consciousness. “Happy for no reason” is a temporary occurrence, while the realisation of pure consciousness is the real thing!

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