The Undo Button

The undo button ends all suffering. We merely have to hold it down until we realise that the suffering does not exist, and that there was no need for a button at all.

We may think that pure consciousness is something amazing to achieve. It’s not. It’s what we are right now. This realisation is nothing amazing. What is amazing is that it to took so long to realise it!

It takes so long because we either ignore our true reality, or we dress realisation up in religion, ritual and philosophy. “But … but … realised people could fly and walk through walls!” Well, we can open a door and walk upstairs 😀

Life is too short to fantasise about what could happen. Realisation is practical; we realise our only true reality, and that is pure consciousness. Our expression then depends on the level of altruism, where there is nothing to gain.

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