The Great Discernment

Being original isn’t being different.

For discernment, we need clarity, and there is nothing clearer than pure, empty cognisance. To realise emptiness, we meditate. To meditate, we need right instruction. The right instruction is knowing when to drop the meditation.

For discernment, we need insight into the nature of mind. We don’t have to have scholarly degrees to do this; we can just look and see for ourselves. We are driven by hope, fear, and indifference (attraction, repulsion and ignorance), and these three principles cloud our view. It’s that simple. When we know what drives us, then we will know what drives others.

Discernment is the sharp perception to judge well, to judge wisely rather than through intolerance and opinion. A discerning individual possesses wisdom that is often overlooked by others. Complete discernment requires both the head and heart.

When we empathise with others and understand them, we identify with the problem and so can show compassion. When we know our origin of pure consciousness, we know what being original is truly about.

Being original isn’t being different. If we claim to be original, we go “down the rabbit hole” (to go down the rabbit hole is to enter a situation that may seem interesting, or begin a process or journey that becomes more and more problematic, difficult, complex or chaotic, and creates suffering as it develops).

The great discernment is being able to get out of the hole down which we followed everyone else 😀 Getting out of the hole, we find original happiness.

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