Nature And, Oh Dear, Nurture

Our nature is pure consciousness; it’s what we truly are. However, our nurture (the care and protection afforded us) is what we have acquired.

The first is our ultimate reality, while the second is our conventional reality of doing what others do. The conventional is passed on, generation after generation, with additions from time to time. We hear or see something, and immediately refer to memory and judgement that sway our reactions. We are full of ear worms – catchy tunes and ideas that runs continuously through our minds.

Consciousness is knowing one’s own mind, rather than someone else’s. Spiritual teachings can, if not properly explained and realised, also become ear worms that give rise to guilt and confusion, and can cause us to switch off. We think that we have to go higher and higher when, in reality, we are already here, but just have to clear the confusion beneath us – that which we walk upon – which is our path!

The important point to realise is that, despite all the mental acquisitions, the essence of mind – our true nature of pure consciousness – is ever-present.

We have to enquire into whatever we have acquired.
That is realised in the clear space of meditation.

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