We Have To Be Careful What We Wish For …
as like attracts like.
It’s unfailing.

Whatever is internal is also external;
if we have a certain disposition, so do others.

We are all three absolute qualities:
empty essenceand cognisant nature = pure consciousness
unconfined compassion= unconditional love.

These three qualities have corresponding negative aspects that control our reactions:
desirefear, and ignorance (ignorance means that we ignore our true reality of pure, compassionate consciousness in favour of the ideas we carry around).

The sort of blessings we attract will depend on our predisposition (karma) – the world in which we personally live. We can either attract blessings from en-darkened ones (conditional self-servitude), or blessings from the enlightened ones (unconditional, compassionate inspiration) which are attracted either to our relative neurosis, or the absolute qualities of unconditional love.

Some people take to spiritual teachings naturally while others have no interest, so that door is closed to them. In other words, karmic connections may or may not take place. This how teachings are self-secret so that they aren’t abused*. When it was said, “Knock and the door shall open”, this means that if we have genuine questions, we will find answers. Such questions are not born from scholastic achievement; they come from the acknowledgement of personal suffering or dissatisfaction.

This is why life seems to be easy for some, and difficult for others.

* These teachings are abused by some to gain control over others, but misusing such knowledge will have a detrimental effect in the form of bad karma. The teachings are not about gaining: they are about losing … the attitude!

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    “It’s not what you see
    It’s the way that you view it”

    – from The Book Of Guff.

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