The Joy Of Understanding Evil

It all depends on one’s point of view.
Evil misunderstands ultimate reality,
and wants us to remain in relative reality
because it is there where illusions are created.

In ultimate reality, evil doesn’t actually exist; it only seems to exist to our conventional mind. Evil is just a trouble maker who is troubled.

Evil is anything that is detrimental to inner peace. Comprehending this will depend on our level of understanding. At street level, evil is a demonic abuser that causes and creates suffering and pain to others. On a subtle level, evil is anything that seduces us to be indifferent to our pure state of consciousness: it hates the idea of emptiness as it has nothing to feed off. The moment before the Buddha was enlightened, he was attacked by demonic forces and alluring goddesses, which symbolised the final aspects of fear and desire in his own mind.

Evil is totally governed by the three poisons of desire, aversion, and ignorance. That’s all there is to it. Knowing that, we know evil’s failings. Evil is banal and weak; it only projectspower. Evil cannot understand pure consciousness because there is nothing to be gained, whereas pure consciousness is naturally free from gain and fame. Once we, as pure consciousness, realise that, then evil has no power over us. All it can do is try to distract consciousness – and it does that very well on a relative level.

As like attracts like, we must first be aware that our own mind is governed by desire, aversion and ignorance. There are many stages to this accomplishment. We need desire and aversion to function in our daily lives, but when these rule our entire lives, we live in an illusion of freedom. Ignorance – not knowing – reveals itself in many guises: it lacks empathy and is indifferent. When evil is about, it is better to be aware than to ignore. Evil is so intent on gain that it cannot see the consequences of its actions.

This moment now is all we have, but evil wants us to believe in the past and the future, both of which are merely concepts and, as such, are obscurations to the moment now. Evil is not fully conscious – and certainly not enlightened – so it exists by feeding off our emotions. We have to be aware of the many stages to enlightenment because those distractions become more subtle within our own minds. The word ‘evil’ may sound extreme, but we need that shock to awaken us to the distractions taking place.

We are only awake in the spontaneous present moment, now.
There, we always find joy.
Don’t let evil steal your joy.

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