We Meditate When We Forget

Meditation is for when we forget that
we are pure consciousness:
pure consciousness doesn’t need to meditate.

Meditation is the method to recognise and realise the silent openness of pure consciousness. Once this is experienced, we drop the meditation and simply rest in openness. In fact, when we stop in the very moment after a meditation session, that is it … pure consciousness.

We may be led to believe that we have to keep on meditating – or even wonder whether we are meditating or not. This causes confusion, and attachment to practice. Our natural state is simply being. Honestly, that’s all.

When we forget to recognise pure consciousness, we return to meditation of some sort. This is why Tulku Urgyen said, “Short moments, many times”, so that we do not indulge or get caught up in the method.

Forgetting is becoming lost, being occupied by thoughts or by vacancy. When consciousness is just aware through the senses, there is no thought present: upon recognising that, we rest in pure consciousness while being aware. It’s quite natural. We don’t have to go into a ‘state’. When resting in pure consciousness, meditation becomes a distraction. They don’t always tell you that, do they? 😀 We can meditate for years, without knowing why.

Meditation, if not properly explained, can keep us bound in a duality – me and the meditation. Me feeling good. Pure consciousness is non-dual, not two, one with everything. Just like a mirror and its reflection. It’s quite natural; pure consciousness is empty, and the reflections are also empty of any true existence.

In just seeing, we do not indulge. We do not make real that which has no reality. In the very first instant of an emotion, before it becomes a problem, there is just noting, awareness, consciousness. When looking into that which is noting, we find nothing other than seeing, pure consciousness. It is that simple and natural. No intelligence needed. Intelligence can cause problems …

Pure consciousness, being emptiness, has no attitude. Whatever we do, whatever we think we lack, we will always be pure consciousness which requires no special skills. We simply look, see, drop whatever is seen, and rest in the seeing.

Even though we are pure consciousness
and pure consciousness doesn’t have to meditate,
we have to be honest in our balance between
meditation and non-meditation.

When in nowness, do not meditate.

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