Beyond Human

Even though we may appear to be human and identify with being human, we are not human in essence. We are, first and foremost, pure consciousness embodied in a certain form, under certain conditions, at a certain time. We don’t notice this because we have learned to occupy ourselves with the sort of human we are – or want to be โ€“ and this limits our freedom.

‘Limit’ hear means adopting a persona; fluffing it up, polishing it, protecting it. In this way, we obscure realisation of our enlightened reality, which is able to express far more freedom as there is nothing to fluff up!

Our illusory human existence is called ‘Samsara’, the cycle of running around looking for happiness but not finding it. This illusory existence has no permanent reality as it relies on certain conditions and, by being dependent on the ‘right’ conditions, our happiness is limited.

Unfortunately, if we adopt the idea that we have to workat being conscious, this prevents us from actually acknowledging that we are consciousness itself. We always have been such but, as seekers, we adopt a refined human persona and language which binds us to becoming one of many followers.

We are consciousness. The only thing to work on is recognising and remembering, in order to release ourselves from our own confusion. We live in the world, but are not of the world. Conscious spirit sees the illusion for what it is, and plays with it.

Freedom is the release from fear.

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4 Responses to BEYOND HUMAN

  1. Marcel says:

    .. or as Trungpa used to say: “you don’t exist. You cannot attain enlightenment. You will perish!”
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Marcel says:

    The book will definitely help a lot to get initiated in a very direct way into profound wisdom. The first drafts, about one year ago, already looked pretty darn good. But off course, we all have different standards of when good is good enough. Agreed, from an absolute point of view, the book will never materialize. But I’m still keeping confidence – practicing patience – awaiting a very first version soon, signed by the buddha in the mud ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind regards, Marcel

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