The Unattainable

In looking for the truth,
the truth will remain unattainable.

We may seek the truth – the ultimate nature of our reality – believing that we do not already know this truth. It is precisely because of this belief that the truth remains hidden and unattainable. Why? Because we are seeking something that we already are: we arethe ultimate truth. That is how we know – we re-cognise – but we are constantly misled about truth. That which is looking for the truth … is the truth.

Religions and organisations create a premise for us to follow: “Seek and you shall find”. We build something that represents the truth, and this representation then has to be maintained. It is organisations that make realisation complex, intriguing and mysterious as they rely on both nostalgia and hope, rather than the truth that we are pure consciousness now.

Pure consciousness is like empty space; it doesn’t matter what we do in it or how elaborately we dress it the space up, space remains the same, as does pure consciousness. We can fill our minds with teachings and elaborate visualisations, but this all takes place within the emptiness of pure consciousness.

Spiritual groups rely on us seeking: we become seekers, rather than realisers. The realisation is that our nature of pure consciousness is already present – and perfectly aware – so, in truth, there is nothing to attain, or achieve other than recognition.

Language can be misleading. If we spend our precious time adorning another’s expression, we may miss the beauty within our own essence. As long as we are told to look elsewhere, the truth remains unattainable.

Once we know and realise this, we can just get on with life, as life is now our spiritual teacher, our guide and reminder to stay within pure consciousness. Any distraction is recognised as a distraction.

If we rely on organisations to give us new tricks, we merely delay undoing the looking, the acquiring, the mystery. Once we see that we see, we can drop the seeing and remain suspended in pure consciousness.

Truth will remain unattainable if we do not realise
that we are pure consciousness
– the ultimate truth.

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