Cocooned In Spirituality

We come to the subject of spirituality when all else has failed us. Authentic spirituality is not escapism in to a fantasy world: it is a genuine wish to know the ultimate truth. The truth of our being. That is the very nature of consciousness itself, before we were introduced to distractions.

The degree to which we investigate will depend on the degree to which we are dissatisfied with life. Authentic spirituality helps us to see life as our spiritual teacher: it isn’t something to attain: it is the realisation of what we are.

The Buddha said that the foundation of our spiritual journey is the recognition that we are suffering/dissatisfied. It’s quite a step to admit this, and it is the main motivation to progress through the levels.

Spirituality is definitely not about covering up that dissatisfaction or suffering in a cocoon of words and exotic displays in order to feel good. It is simply experiencing the rawness of life and emotion, shining a light on our hidden, guarded neuroses. Authentic spirituality takes no interest in providing us with nostalgic stories. It does not promote us acting out our feelings: it’s only concerned with this moment, now.

Authentic spirituality does not provide us with a covering to protect ourselves. Rather, it utilises our pain, wound and trauma to recognise what it is that experiences that suffering.

Pure consciousness can never suffer. It can only be distracted.

But from a cocoon comes a beautiful butterfly!”
Correct … if you want to be a beautiful butterfly.

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