Our Propensities and Tendencies

We each have intuition and a conscience. All creatures have this ability, this knowingness that is more than merely awareness. This inner knowledge comes from deep within our essence, our essential nature of pure consciousness. It is an inner voice which is our teacher, connecting us to truth, near-truth and untruth, and comes before the inner chatter: it is an expression of essence.

The closer we look at our tendencies, the more we recognise the possibility of previous work, activity and realisation having taken place. This intuition brings clarity to whatever we are doing now.

Becoming part of a tradition – a culture of philosophy – may help in the beginning, but it is our inner tutor that will see us through to the end. No teacher, Buddha, spiritual text or religion can do this for us.

Knowing that the Sanskrit word for suffering is ‘dukkha’ doesn’t help relieve suffering. It is the inner realisation that nothing truly exists, and that things are conjured up and come to pass that vanquishes suffering.

We are all, in truth, enlightened beings, either gradually waking to our full potential or choosing to go back to sleep. We know there is more to us (and that isn’t just wishful thinking) but we need help seeing this. The realisation of pure consciousness intuitively reveals itself.

It is our responsibility to recognise that pure consciousness is our true nature. We are answerable for everything that happens to us. We all know, because we are knowingness itself before anything out there, in the mind or in the worldis known.When we pay attention, we repay our karmic debt, using karma as opposed to karma using us.

Some paths are beautiful, full of softness and love. Some paths are stony and grey. Some paths are full of wonder and mystery. Some paths are plain. We are not all on the same path, but we are still on the path to enlightenment.

We do not have to be like others, or follow others; we are merely tracing our tendencies (steps) back to our essence. The secret is that we are already here! Our so-called path now becomes an expression of empathy and compassion for all, as we each know inherently what every emotion feels like.

We know quite a lot!
All we have to do is be aware of our corruption.

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