Reptilian Consciousness Is Buddha Consciousness

The primitive brain – also called Reptilian brain – controls the fight, flight and freeze reactions of all creatures. Beings instinctively know what to do in a situation in order to survive but, of course, this doesn’t always work out, as other creatures are also governed by the same three reactions.

Humans have more of a choice than just using reptilian brain: those same three instincts translate as desire, aversion and ignorance.

So how is this Buddha consciousness?

These three basic, negative emotions of desire, aversion and ignorance control all our reactions. They are ‘negative’ because they interfere with the spontaneous moment of spacious awareness or pure consciousness. Although reactions are aids to survival in the physical form, we can also transform them into wisdom. In fact, transformation has already taken place: without noticing, we turned wisdom into an emotion.

The very first moment of perception – of pure perception, pure awareness, pure consciousness – is always present because it is what we are. That perception illumines any appearance in the mind, just before that appearance turns into a reaction stemming from memory and judgement.

That very first moment of luminosity is Buddha consciousness,
or awakened consciousness.
Missing that moment, Buddha consciousness turns into Reptilian consciousness,
while awakened spontaneous presence turns Reptiles into Buddhas.

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    • tony says:

      So we can clarify any misunderstanding, is there any chance you could complete your comment. 😀

      The article is meant to sound outlandish.


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