The Second Coming of the Messiah

Interpretation of words is not the same as interpretation of realisation. Words have many levels of meaning, which is why we may all see things differently. We can take teachings as being literal (religious) – or metaphysical (transcendent wisdom).

The chosen people are those who choose to listen and realise that the truth is within them: that is the second coming.

The Greek New Testament uses the Greek term parousia (παρουσία, meaning “arrival”, “coming”, or “presence“)

The Indian guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, offers an interpretation of the Second Coming that is understood to be an inner experience, something that takes place within the individual heart. The true second coming is the resurrection within us of the infinite Christ consciousness, awakened consciousness, Buddha consciousness.

The second coming is genuine realisation of the teaching that our true nature of pure consciousness will defeat sin (mental obscurations and fixations) for all eternity.

Religion offers ritual and study; a discipline to keep to the path.
Transcendent wisdom; the revelation that the path never existed.

First we hear the teaching.
Then we re-cognise.
Finally, we realise that we are the teaching.

The truth is beyond belief.

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