Walking With Demons

We all walk around with demons inside our minds in the form of negative emotions or criticisms. These demons may originate from trauma in early years which exaggerate our existing likes and dislikes. At first meeting, people all seem okay, but the demons soon appear – in others and in ourselves. Every emotion – pride, jealousy, fear, desire, indifference … – are all there, lying in ambush.

Demons come about because we do not notice or acknowledge our true reality of purity. The word ‘purity’ may give us the creeps, or seem like something unattainable that others have;“It’s million miles from me! I’m not that holy!”

Purity is definitely not someone who’s dressed up for the occasion. We don’t realise it, but purity is what we are. Consciousness itself is pure, and always has been; it isn’t something special that we have to achieve. It is pure because its nature is emptiness. It is naturally empty of contamination. It’s crystal clear, but we don’t notice it because we see only reflectionsin the mind.We do not notice the consciousness of mind itself. We don’t know it because we don’t look. Looking and seeing is the practice of realising the truth, rather than learning something we might read in a book … or here on this blog! 😀

Corinthians 13:12
For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror/dimly/darkly; then when we see we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall fully know…”

When we cloud the issue* with our emotions, we see dimly and react to these ghosts, these reflections, these demons. On the other hand, when we face the demons which create negative emotions, we actually see what we are doing to ourselves, confronting these reflections face to face. It is then that we become fully free.

Demons are all in the mind, and so demons are an illusion. We have to look down objectively on a situation, scanning it in order to see all the elements in play clearly. If we are looking upat a situation, then we feel under it, and we can become confused; the situation is controlling us.

To exorcise our demons, just take them for a walk, see how they feel, get to know them, realise that they do not truly exist and therefore we do not have to let go … they’re gone!

*“cloud the issue”: to distract from the topic at hand by introducing irrelevant and/or misleading information.

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