Walking With Angels

Walking with demons is easier than walking with angels. It’s much less challenging to recognise demonic qualities in others than to see their good qualities. We have to go beyond our ordinary samsaric mind in order to first realise our potential before we can recognise the potential of others.

‘Angels’ refers to the potential of all sentient beings at all levels, culminating in supreme beings. In essence, all beings have good hearts because they have consciousness, but the mind can and does become pretty dark and selfish. No one actually wants to be unhappy; we all seek everlasting happiness.

We are afraid to show this good heart, so we hide in the luggage we carry around with us. Our luggage is our set of ideas that we think protects us. If we look, we can all see this good heart although it is hidden in aggression, pride, jealousy, fear, indifference …

It isn’t easy to see others as angels, is it? But we are not only angels; we all have the potential of realising our supreme, divine qualities. Mistakenly, we only look at the human side and, of course, that’s flawed because, at this moment, we don’t recognise our true originality. We look at others’ flaws and say that is who they are, but this is a great error on our part, and one that turns us into demons.

When we say ‘good heart’, we mean the very essence of consciousness; pureconsciousness. The mind can also have good intentions, but it doubts. It doubts because it has learned a few tricks for combat, whereas the heart just longs to love.

We aren’t being asked to see the good in people but to know that, for them to even exist, there has to be consciousness present: in essence, that consciousness is pure.

For many of us, however, existence is just about mind and body … that’s all, because we haven’t yet noticed our wings – two of them. One represents emptiness or pure state, and the other represents release from fixation. When these two work together, we are lifted by a pure atmosphere.

Our misunderstanding is that we haven’t realised that our angel essence is inseparable from our demonic selfishness. By virtue of one, the other is known. The more we recognise our demonic ways, the more we realise our angel heart, and the more we can empathise and the more we can love – but that recognition has to be an honest realisation and not just theory.

Sounds mushy? We all know how we truly feel, and how we actually act. We may ask – as we are talking about angels – where God is in all this. In our supreme being of pure consciousness. Buddhism has its own version of angels, and that is pure consciousness.

When we read or hear something,
we all want to get to the ‘good bit’ when,
in fact, we are the ‘good bit’.

Be it.

Don’t just read about it.


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