Living In a world Of Opposites

Hell and Heaven.
Samsara and Nirvana.
Duality and non-duality.
Awareness and whatever awareness is aware of.

These are all the same thing
within the realisation of mature awareness.

The more we notice reflections in the mind, the clearer the reflections become. If one does not interfere, then those reflections and consciousness are spontaneously seen as one and the same. Suddenly, it’s no longer theory: seeing and the reflections become a spontaneous revelation.

The practical side of this is that we are no longer part of the conventional programming.

On one level, this conventional programming is samsaric hell. On a mature level, realising this programming is the way to enlightenment.

Everything appears within the emptiness of consciousness; the good, the bad, and the ugly are simply seen without comment, name, modification, fabrication or emotional discharge. Duality becomes non-duality. Two becomes one.

The world is created by thoughts, words, language and concepts which manifest a world of opposites. Up and down, this and that, inside and outside, right and wrong, black and white, true and false, positive and negative, me and you. Ours is a dualistic world of apparent opposites but, in reality, do opposites exist? Do dark and light exist? Isn’t dark merely the absence of light, to varying degrees?

What we are really pointing to is something that goes beyond all these mind-made opposites. Non-duality is difficult to describe or put into words – in fact, it’s impossible. Even talking about non-duality is dualistic. Using the expression ‘non duality’ creates the opposite – something called ‘duality’ – and so we go round in circles.

When we feel that we are beneath a situation, looking up at it, we have a problem seeing clearly. We may feel inferior, unworthy or guilty, thinking, “It’s going right over my head”, so we switch off subtly and just accept what we are told.

In the clarity of emptiness, anything can appear, just like reflections in a mirror. When we truly realise this, meditation would be a hindrance. Once we realise reality, we do not need to meditate: we only meditate when we forget that appearances are due to the clarity of emptiness. There is no hell and heaven, or Samsara and Nirvana: there is only the clarity of emptiness – pure consciousness. There is only light that dims when we forget that we know.

To keep our self in check, however, we still meditate, just to be sure – and that meditation could just be a single moment of recognition. There nothing religious or ‘spiritual’ about reality. It is plain common sense.

Appearances are literally all the same in pure consciousness, and in pure consciousness, there is nothing other than empathetic compassion for those stuck in opposites.

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