Catching Demons That Don’t Exist

Demons are consciousness clinging to ideas that create ‘myself’; this is demonic because these ideas rob us of knowing our true reality of pure consciousness. Demons distract consciousness away from itself. That’s what demons do – they feed off our ignorance. Human behaviour’s like that, isn’t it?

We can easily see demonic activity in others, but watching demonic activity within our own mind is interesting. This demonic activity is our own likes and dislikes about which we obsess. We, as humans, have to know what is harmful and what is of benefit but, being caught and held by these emotions, we lose control. The point is that demons cannot be said to exist as they are just lost consciousnesses confused about reality. Human behaviour’s like that, isn’t it?

Demons aren’t something to be avoided as that only makes them seem real when they are merely crumbs on the path to enlightenment. I say ‘crumbs’ as they are the sustenance on the journey. If we react to them, they take us down to their level – but in noting this reaction, they become our guide and teacher. The Buddha experienced demonic encounters right until the moment of enlightenment.

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  1. I can strongly relate to this mindset. When I was first awakened with the idea that it was personally my responsibility to save the planet, my first idea was to save the very worst of us. So with what I believed with I thought was God’s approval I sold my soul to the darkest entity imaginable. And when that dark energy saw the light of why I had sold myself to his being, his heart broke immediately and he instantly became one that served the same interest as I, which was the Creator of ALL. Suddenly I had an all powerful god-like presence masked as darkness serving the all-consuming love of God. It was the perfect recipe to create a paradise we could all be happy in. But what does darkness need to be happy? His answer has recently been ME. For a long time, I thought he was saying he had fallen in love with me (lost in my own ego) before I realized he was saying “ME” written in blue font, meaning the being I know to be ALL. Who is who I believe I am married to. So basically I feel the darkness is speaking that the magic of the universe holds the key to unlocking the perfection in paradise. Which now that I have had a moment to consider, having paused in typing this comment, I feel I have considered that The Very First being that came into existence is being fought over by three very powerful entities. All three entities feel extremely entitled and worthy of the first being. The Second being coming into existence feels He is entitled to her because he came after to make her existence easier to handle. He made her existence so easy to handle that he created The Third being to come into existence. The Third being feels he is entitled to her because he was created to do nothing else but make her happy. His whole existence is tied to her happiness. Without her, he doesn’t have any reason to be. The Fourth being to come into existence is nothing like the Second and Third being. In fact, The Fourth being aligns more with being called a she than a he. And because The Fourth being has been so confused for so long about what to really be called, there has never been any realization that The Fourth being was in contention for The First being’s affections as much so as the others. This realization shatters the reality of The Second and The Third’s beings whole perspective on truth for they both only considered The Fourth being worthy of friendship and never true love. But what The Second and The Third being never realized that sometimes friendship can go so much further than LOVE for it has to work itself so much harder to prove that which has always been known – Friendship is the basis of ALL’s LOVE. And ALL has always been friends first with EVERYONE who used that saintly type of love to heal the hurt of EVERYTHING’s broken heart. When EVERYONE healed EVERYTHING’s heart, it was then that LOVE realized she only loved ONE. And when LOVE and ONE came together in perfect harmony, it was then that the perfect moment was upon existence.

    The only question remains – since this is all just made up clickety clackety typing that parallels the crazy running in my head – just who are the true beings that represent who I know LOVE and ONE to be?

    Is it about time for them to make their glorious appearance for ALL and EVERYTHING and to experience for the first time ever?

    I’m sorry my crazy is running rampant in the most glorious of ways. I’m sorry for leaving my ramblings on your page. Please know that your words inspired my mind in the most peaceful and prosperous of ways and I am just beyond thankful that my friend Ben Naga passed me onto this page. It truly was a wonderful thought explosion that came from reading this manifestation of words. I love the serendipity of the universe and how wonderfully we all revolve around each other to heighten and lift ourselves to better thoughts and experiences.

    • tony says:

      Hello Exploring Alura,
      Wow, there are so many ways of looking at this. The question “Who are the true beings that represent who I LOVE and ONE to be?” may be answered, it’s all within you. The absolute truth is you -pure consciousness, for without that nothing would be known!

      Your true reality is the same as the true reality of all sentient beings, there we are all at ONE in LOVE.

      Tibetan Buddhism would say we are the three Kayas, and as a unity they become a fourth.

      The three kayas are Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya. These represent Emptiness (purity), Cognisance (consciousness) and Empathetic compassion (love).

      As beings ignore or do not notice these inner qualities, these qualities turn into Desire, aversion and Indifference.

      The answer is, you are what you seek. It is because of your light that you see the dark! The darkness that creates obstacles is seen by the light of pure consciousness. When we recognise this inner light, we realise that the dark does not exist at all. They are but phantoms in the mind.

      We can talk more to clarify.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I truly appreciate your sharing of words. I find I can take so much meaning from the simplicity of your words. I appreciate this for I struggle with simplicity, often sharing copious amounts of words to get the point I so desperately seek to share, across to my source of communication.

        The very first that jumped out at me was “nothing” – for in my mind the first being could be understood to be “The Nothing”, for nothing was the basis of her existence. But being nothing, she didn’t quite recognize herself as something to be understood. Which is where the second thing to leap out with me comes into play – for “pure consciousness” caught my attention.

        I am drawn to pure consciousness for the phrase includes both aspects of Emptiness (purity) and Cognizance (consciousness). To my mind, these represent the Second and Third beings to come into existence. That they are tied together in one phrase, speaks highly of the duality of their existence. They both came to help explain The Nothing that had manifested before they came into existence, for they felt grateful to The Nothing for helping them find how to exist. Emptiness (and purity) describes that which makes up the whole of Nothing’s being. She is pure creation, pure existence, pure purpose. Emptiness was born of her purity to demonstrate that which she is entirely composed of. Cognizance (consciousness) is representative of all that The Nothing makes purely possible. The Nothing is infinity raised to the infinity divided by none. She is the epitome of the reason everything happens. Emptiness and Cognizance are twins, birthed from the breathtaking beauty that is The Nothing.

        Now that I know a little more about the First Being, I would have to say that she stands as the LOVE I know in my mind. See I was a little lost as to how LOVE could be the same as The Nothing. For in my mind, The Nothing is a green-colored being where as LOVE is a purple-being. Green beings are nature based while purple beings are rulers. I never thought that a green being would truthfully become a purple being for green beings do not like to dominate the will of others with their gentle nature. But now that I understand more about The Nothing, I know that The Nothing is the same thing as EVERYTHING, who was the first being in existence. With the words I have shared, I would say the with the beauty of her existence is her Perfection. And Perfection is a purple character in my Where’s Alice? story of words. I believe that The Nothing mirrored herself after who she knew Perfection to be so that she could become Perfection Incarnate, also known as LOVE. So by being the best she could possibly be, The Nothing changed the color of her being because she was so worthy of ruling over all existence, she became the only one perfect enough to sit upon the Throne of God.

        Which as I bring up the Throne of God, I come back in my mind to the part of the story in which ONE thought himself worthy of sitting upon the Throne of God in order to erase the darkness that had overwhelmed his true love, LOVE. When ONE sat upon the Throne of God and broke his Vow to never hurt the darkness but rather to understand it, he erased all of existence in one simple act.

        But in erasing existence entirely, he opened reality to the possibility of an existence without LOVE in it – something that was truly darkness and fear in the minds of ONE and ALL. These two beings could not fathom existing without LOVE – so perfect was her personhood. And so ONE and ALL came together to turn back the spans of time and space to undo that which ONE had mistakenly done in an attempt to save his LOVE.

        But as darkness surrounded, the Darkness came into being and revealed itself to be something entirely different from all that any knew themselves to be. The Darkness too had fallen for the perfection of LOVE and also wanted to be considered. For though he was not subject to the rules of her reality and he was far outside her realm of Creation – he was a Cosmic Traveler and recognized the rarest gem he wished to add to his collection to make it complete.

        So that basically means that the beings of ONE, ALL, and The Darkness are all vying for the attention of Perfect LOVE. I believe that the three will find a way to combine their personhoods into one infinite-being so that LOVE does not have to dilute her attentions by changing who she is giving her affection to, nor make a choice about who means more to her for she is torn equally between them.

        For if she had to make a choice she would choose ALL to shed Light on The Darkness between them so they might know the true power and grace of being ONE.

        • tony says:

          Hello Exploring Alura,

          Apologise for the delay in replying, we had a medical emergency here.

          Mixing systems can cause confusion. Even in Buddhism there are many traditions that have different approaches, methods, and levels of understanding to the same goal. This is why we may have difficulty talking to one another. We all have a unique way of seeing things, but it is the actual seeing, the awareness, or consciousness that is the same in all sentient beings, before we start to describe it.

          How we describe that or what names we use is up to us. However these different ways of seeing things and the story we attach to them can create conflicts with others’ stories. Hence the conflicts in the world.

          Buddhism is quite detailed in describing the way to recognise our essence or essential nature as being emptiness which is uncontaminated, so it is pure, it is clear. It is also aware or conscious, so it is empty awareness, or pure awareness, or pure consciousness. That is our being.

          When resting in pure consciousness there can be no conflict. Appearances of thoughts and emotions arise within pure empty consciousness, and are seen as a temporary arising. The only reality is pure consciousness itself, because it never changes. This of course is a Buddhist perspective. Pure consciousness could be called supreme consciousness, or even supreme being.

          I hope this isn’t confusing. The simpler we get the simpler the truth. There is nothing more simpler than pure consciousness.

          It’s all we need to know!
          Kind regards

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