Release From The Collective Consciousness

We can’t think ourselves outside the box because it is thinking that keeps us inside the box 😉

Outside the box, there is merely pure observation of pure consciousness. That is our reality, rather than thoughts of how clever we are inside the samsaric box.

‘Samsara’: the vicious cycle of existence, the constant craving and raving

If we are bound by a set of ideas, we are religious, as the word ‘religion’ comes from the Latin religiare ‘to bind’. We might think that we aren’t bound, but we fixate on our ideas and beliefs; we are all stuck in some sort of mud. We’re part of the collective traffic in the box.

Shouting to be free from Tyranny! Governments! Religion! Those over there! Those over here! Anyone who isn’t like me! … will never set us free. Freedom is knowing our true essence which isn’t bound to the collective consciousness.

So how on earth do we get out? We aren’t going to change the world view – the collective way of thinking – and if we react, we immediately become part of the collective way of thinking again … tricky.

In meditation, there is release from our self, our set of ideas. Once we see, we are free. It’s that simple. Our only problem was that we bound ourselves to the collective consciousness – samsara, the vicious cycle of ups and downs.

We cause the problem and it is we who solve the problem, by seeing and not holding.

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