The Unity of Emptiness and Consciousness

Emptiness________________________ Consciousness

If we get too involved in consciousness and forget emptiness (uncontaminated essence), then everything will seem solid and real, and our minds will become heavy.

If, on the other hand, we get too involved in emptiness, we can become nihilistic and depressed, and not see the point of anything.

Our reality is in the middle, and is a unity of the two. We can then adjust this balance to suit the situation in which we find ourselves. As the Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose”. We constantly feel our way, as opposed to layering a situation with dogma we have learned.

It is when we are in balance (happy) that we can then be compassionate to all. In this way, emptiness, consciousness and compassion are inseparable. This is our natural being; this is wisdom. We are one in love.

Because of karma, some days are smooth and other days are rough. On some days, we encounter the rough and the smooth of others :D, so we constantly readjust with a flexible approach, carefree.

Buddhist teaching uses the word ’emptiness’ instead of ‘nothingness’ or ‘voidness’, as emptiness in this context means being pure, and describes the quality of the essence of consciousness. Consciousness is synonymous with cognisance or knowingness, so we are pure consciousness, rather than just empty space. The Sanskrit word for emptiness is Shunyata.

Pure consciousness is life that extends far beyond ‘me’. Me and my ideas are constructs: they are a series of thoughts that we have adopted through our interaction with others. This is our social I which moulds our minds and we (pure consciousness) forget that these thoughts appear on our mind screen; they are merely projections, while pure consciousness sits and watches. As we cannot be what we see, we realise that we are the seeing itself, the pure cognisance.

Wisdom is understanding how things work, and how they get broken. It is through wisdom that feeling ill-at-ease transforms to good mental health, just being happy.

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  1. Ben Naga says:

    Another gem of a post. I am grateful. Thank you.

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