Time To See Differently

It’s not that pure consciousness is extremely subtle; it is that conventional consciousness is so thick with concepts. We make up, adopt, cling to and build on an illusion that creates confusion and therefore, everything seems to be a mystery.

Look at it this way. There is lots to think about and discuss, right? But that which sees all this thinking and discussing simply sees. When pointed out, it’s not subtle at all – it’s obvious! It is this that is actually ordinary reality. Of course, at lower levels, it’s all a mystery, and some actually like it that way because means they don’t have to actually look closely at their life and question it.

This image is from US dollar bill: it is said to represent Freemasonry/Illuminati global control. If this is the way that they see it, then they misunderstand reality and are, in fact, functioning at one of the lower levels, being controlled by a belief in mystery.

Pure consciousness cuts through this illusory nonsense that we are led to believe in and to which we have become attached. Pure consciousness is the only reality, but we’re far too busy making our illusory life cosy to acknowledge this.

Don’t look up; look within.

Recognise and realise the all-seeing consciousness,
– not the all-seeing drivel.

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