I Am Nothing Without My Opinions”

It is our opinions and concepts that create the fixations with which we identify as a self. Because of these ideas to which we cling, we limit our true potential.

“But, I need to have opinions about things!” Before opinions is awareness. Something is seen and consciousness then reacts. As seekers after the truth, the recognition of this process is extremely important. It is awareness (consciousness) that has acquired opinions about whatever it sees. Here, we are talking about ordinary, conventional, human consciousness that is addicted to desires and aversions. We need to know that mentally, we can disengage from this cycle of existence.

Ordinary consciousness is our partial human reality.
Pure consciousness is our ultimate impartial reality.

We all need to be able to discern what is of benefit, what is harmful and what creates confusion.

Ordinary consciousness binds us.
Pure consciousness frees us.
In partial seeing, we lose this inner peace.
In pure seeing, we have inner peace.

We may ask what do we can do about the world in which we live.The answer is that karma (whatever presents itself) is our teacher, our life coach. We are not going to change the world – even though we’d like to – as the majority does not want inner freedom. We can, however, bring an end to our reactions, which are part of the world’s problems.

We must first change our attitude, before we can address worldly problems.

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