The Gap Between Thoughts

This is where we will find and realise emptiness – pure consciousness, the natural state of rest free of mental turbulence or dullness. We normally oscillate between thoughts and this gap of emptiness, but miss this process because we project consciousness into the future by memories of the past.

Emptiness is fully cognisant and aware, now. It is this moment of pure perception. Perception is ever present; it is without thought, opinion, judgement or memory. Thought comes a milli-moment later, ignited by memories, and we react. Off we go again!

Spiritually speaking – or rather, consciously speaking – we are dealing with this pure moment of nowness. Missing this precious moment, we indulge in speculations and set up a fabricated reality of constantly relating to ‘this’ as opposed to ‘that’.

If, on the other hand, we are mindful of the gap, the gap expands and consciousness relaxes into its pure state. We do not have to look for pure consciousness: it’s present all the time. It is timeless. We are that timelessness.

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