Upgrading Our Teacher

To teach means to point out, to show: “Look! See!” But it is wewho have to look and see. And what we are seeing is that we are this seeing. The teacher can only show us generalised guidelines on how to see this consciousness that is seeing. It is we who have to make the journey … in our case, to nowhere – now here. The human teacher or text merely points out how to look, but it is we who have to see, rather than taking the teacher’s word for it. This is not about acquiring teachings: it is a matter of realising that we are the teaching, and that there is nothing to be acquired. That is the upgrade!

Merely repeating others’ words can be annoying as this does not address the current ‘situation’, but imposes itself upon it instead. The outcome of self realisation is empathetic, compassionate understanding that liberates a ‘situation’ … in the eyes of the ‘situation’! Self realisation is due to awareness or consciousness realising its true reality, naturally.

Not all teachers are of the same calibre or understanding. Not all traditions suit everyone. The teacher isn’t the real teacher: a human teacher merely point that out. The real teacher is our mental karma (our reactions) and our karmic situation (whatever our reactions produced) which show the student – pure consciousness – what it is that is obstructing its clear, compassionate view, and what it has become attached to. A human teacher cannot do that for us, but karma is with us all the way to enlightenment. This is making the teachings practical.

We associate the words ‘teacher’ and ‘teaching’ with words such as freedom, liberation, release, wisdom and compassion. We would not expect to include the words exclusive sect, being bound, belief, obsession, fixation, idolisation and worship. These are cult-ish words.

True devotion is genuinely appreciating the truth that we seek. And the truth that we seek is our own pure consciousness. The entire point of teachings is that we are this truth. It is all about pure consciousness, here and now. Devotion has a secret aspect that has to be self-realised: this pure consciousness is the same reality in all sentient beings which gives rise to genuine, unconditional love. Now, that upgrades devotion!

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