How Do We Experience Our True Nature?

The reason that we do not experience our true nature is that there is so much going on our minds to distract us. Whatever we see, we immediately judge by relating to memory of previous experience. We do not just see; we relate by referring. This is how we become stuck in a cycle of confused existence.

A subtle obstacle may arise when we read or hear about our true nature. When we experience anything, we immediately relate and refer to this information, which imposes theory on to actual experience. “Ah! This is emptiness!”We rely on an expectation, which becomes a belief.

Belief is a intense force. It can make us do anything. The main result is boosting ego …“I can do this!”

This powerful ego boost can have a positive effect: it can push things so far that we are no longer able justify our reactions, as we have become so full of ourself that we notice we are out of control and, in fact, suffering. We need special energy arising from the recognition of conflict to cut through this ego-created dream world. If we keep trying to make everything nice and cosy, we may never see the need for release.

How do we experience our true nature? Simply realise what is asking the question! The more the ego, the more the confusion, the clearer the view.

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