Bored? Sad? Melancholic?

Look more closely; there is a longing there.
We all know something.

Our quality of progress in anything is due to the quality of awareness. This is why meditation is so important; to be able to concentrate and see what is, in fact, going on in our mind.

We can realise that sadness is observable, so the feeling of sadness is not us. It is a state of mind. We are the silent witness, the silent consciousness. Once we can see this, we can then empathise with others because we can re-cognise the signs within our own mind.

Being more aware makes life worthwhile, brighter and more intelligent on the compassionate, wisdom side rather than the what’s-in-it-for-me side. We are no longer weighed down by darkness. Seeing is now possible because the light is present, and we see the cycle of everything. It is understanding that the beauty of a rose is that it has to die, so we appreciate it while it lasts, like life itself. Nothing lasts. The elements re-form.Everything dwells within emptiness – the silent witness.

If we want to go the traditional way, then we are talking here about ‘Madhyamaka’; the usefulness of reason. In Madhyamaka, reason and debate are understood as a means to an end (liberation), and this method must be therefore founded on the wish to help oneself and others end suffering. Reason and logical arguments are seen as being ultimately empty of any true validity or reality: they only serve as conventional remedies for our delusions. The closer we look, the more we recognise the essence of everything. We know that everything arises within emptiness, dwells within emptiness and returns to emptiness.

Perfect peace is emptiness.
Emptiness is cognisant.
Cognisant emptiness is unconfined compassion.

There is no more joy than recognising the wish
that all beings realise happiness.

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