We Are Never Separate From The Truth

Whether we are happy, sad, busy, dreamy … the truth – pure awareness – is always present. How can we deny that? Without this uncontaminated awareness, nothing would be known clearly. Truth is that simple. The essential nature of mind is this pure awareness; we are that essential nature.

It may be that simple, but we have been led to believe so many things about ‘truth’ that have actually taken us in the opposite direction. ‘They’ talk about truth and compassion, but it is not until we realise personally that we are the truth, that compassion can genuinely arise. Thinking that we are the truth and we are compassionate is not enough. We have to know that all beings are pure awareness, and we talk to that pure awareness, rather than to the ‘cover story’. That is the application of the four enlightened activities of pacifying, magnetising, enriching, and destroying ego’s games.

The cover story is whatever we project onto others. There is no point in talking to that as it is full of bias. Those biased projections are acquired ideas in the mind, and not the essence of mind itself. They are not the real being: those ideas are a straw man, without substance.

How amazing that we look for the truth, when we simply are the truth. Some will find this annoying because they want to work at truth, achieve it, belong to the group that has it. They want to become it, instead of simply recognising, experiencing and realising by resting in it.

If we are never separate from the truth, then we are never separate from one another. That is either enlightening or annoying 😀 Do we have a clear view or an acquired view?

Knowing that we are all the truth is challenging.
That is the work.
Compared to that, realisation is a piece of cake!

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