Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?
Or rather, where does our programming come from?

When we perceive anything, this perception takes place in the mind, and we end up with a reservoir of information, causing the brain to wire in a particular pattern. Gradually, whenever we then perceive anything, we refer to these memories, making judgements which affect our behaviour. The programme is now in full swing, and we relive the past, time and time again.

If we do not question our thoughts, we will remain unaware that we are being fed information that turns us away from even considering that we’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs. We mentally salivate at the latest ‘goodies’ and ‘news’.

Thoughts have no actual reality as they are merely ideas we have acquired and then hold on to. They express themselves in everything we say and do, down to our tiniest mannerisms, and can either bolster our ego or be used to clarify a situation. Due to our clinging to these thoughts, we lose control, and become indifferent to our true reality.

The good news that has been kept a secret is that we are the pure consciousness that sees all, but which goes unnoticed, or is covered up.

The positive aspect of this reservoir of information is that it offers us the facility to scan the mind for memories and, not being so quick to judge, we can stand back and investigate while reviewing a situation.It isn’t the perception that is the obstacle: the problem lies in our reactions, which reinforce a limited view and obscure our true potential of clarity.

Dinner table chatter merely regurgitates past projections into the present, whereas enlightened speech is directed to now, and serves only to enlighten the atmosphere.

We may worry about being targeted and profiled by technology, but first we should worry about our willingness to accept that these developments could be of benefit. We have already been programmed! The media wants us to react, and then we will thinkwe’re doing something. We thinkwe’re in charge.We thinkwe have choices.

Merely be aware of that which is aware of these thoughts. That awareness – that pure awareness – is what we actually are, rather than the thoughts we repeat again and again. In the presence of awareness, these thoughts gradually subside into emptiness of pure awareness.

As we reach the end of our lives, we know – as a practitioner – what is of value.

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