Are We Ghosts In Human Forms?

A ghost is merely consciousness lost in not knowing its true nature; because of this, it drifts around due to karma. The realisation of our true nature is both the purpose of life and the source of our misunderstanding of life. ‘Ghost’ is another name for ‘spirit’. ‘Spirit’ is another name for consciousness. Pure consciousness is nothing other than the purity of being, and the full realisation of that is enlightenment. We ghosts have a huge potential!

Consciousness manifests in many forms. As humans, we can dance and sing eloquently about being in love; we can make money, procreate to produce more ghosts, study history, geography and science, rule over or be ruled by other ghosts, play games, entertain ourselves and even invent religions and rituals about holy ghosts. But none of these are our true reality.

Our true reality is realised the moment we awaken by recognising that we have been diligent duffers. Suddenly, this realisation releases us and illuminates years – if not lifetimes – of the ghostly darkness of desires.

All that pride defending our ghostly image now seems pointless, when the purity of consciousness sees through this transparent dream-being. When this ghost realises it is, in actuality, pure consciousness, then it is free of believing anything other.

Realisation is the true ghost-buster!


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