First The Inspiration, And Then The Reality

When we first seek teachings on truth, we hear positive language to inspire us, offering things we like to hear and associate with. But then, there comes a moment when we realise that we have mental obstacles, in the form of things we don’t want to hear, as we would rather stay with theories and beliefs.

Facing the truth takes courage. The inability to put self aside stops us truly progressing and experiencing reality. Have confidence in our true nature, our self image isn’t needed anymore: when dealing with others, self is put aside. The work is dismantling subtler levels of attachment, resting in the pinpoint moment of now. Dealing with others is a tremendous opportunity to experience this reality.

Students of spirituality have an added problem, as there may be subtle clinging to the teachings. In pure awareness, there are no teachings. Reality is recognising the conflict between compassionate neutrality and habitual reactions. The main point is to recognise heightened awareness in conflict.

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