Confusion = Perfect Maths = Realisation

Confusion is beautiful: the geometry of mathematical properties and relations. An ice crystal is a unique, geometric design, but if we ignore this icy condition, we will slip in a certain way and break a certain bone. Perfect cause and effect. If we don’t take care, we become careless. If we ignore our true essence, we will fixate on other things. If we do not know, we will be confused, and a perfect sequence of events will ensue.

Confusion creates suffering. Because we are confused about our true nature of perfect consciousness, we are governed by our desires and fears. There are three constants – or three truths – in the universe. Space is infinite. Pure consciousness is infinite. Mathematics (cause and effect) is infinite. All we have to do is recognise our true nature and that which obscures this nature, and eureka … like magic, perfect wisdom from perfect confusion!

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