Truth: Simple To Acknowledge, Easy To Forget

That which perceives through the senses is consciousness. That which perceives consciousness is consciousness itself. Finding nothing but consciousness, it is realised as being empty of other. It is pure consciousness. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The ‘me’ is a set ideas in consciousness that interferes with emptiness and thus, perception is diverted.

Focus on this screen, or the room you are in. Awareness is present, consciousness is present. Now slightly defocus the gaze so that you’re not looking at objects, but merely being aware of the gaze. That is pure awareness, pure consciousness. It’s always present. That is our first nature. Our second nature is whatever consciousness acquires; it’s a deeply ingrained habit of repeating something that makes it seem completely natural or inborn. For this reason, we forget simple truth.

In meditation, we focus on an object such as the breath, in order to calm consciousness. Then we defocus to become aware of consciousness itself, and to realise that we are pure consciousness. We do not have to keep defocused, as that is merely so that we are aware of consciousness. Consciousness is our reality. That is the reality of the universe. Matter changes, while pure consciousness does not. Anything we want to know about the infinite universe, consciousness must be present to see, and then we realise that consciousness is the source of every thing. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? It only seems mind-boggling because our conceptual mind cannot and will never understand its source, which is non-dual, pure consciousness.

In ordinary daily life, knowing that pure consciousness is always present and that that is our true reality, we are no longer fixated about the material world, and stop shouting at the radio 😀 We merely become mindful of whatever we are doing, thinking or saying, while maintaining the continuity of consciousness. Remembering is being mindful. Once we remember, we just acknowledge the situation that karma has dealt us, and sustain our composure. There are no mystical tricks: everything we need is at hand.

Just acknowledge contentment throughout life. We are dealt a hand and we play with that. After we are gone, the world will still be shouting at the radio. It is because the world does not acknowledge and remember its true nature of pure consciousness that it remains disturbed and unhappy and shouty.

Personal gain will continue to produce things that are detrimental to human and animal welfare, being mindless of consequences. We all have moments of pure consciousness as we are pure consciousness, but then we become lost in earnest distraction. There is no right and wrong, but just different beliefs.

We can either spend this precious life in simple truth,
diminishing the effects of karma,
or we can waste it by shouting at the radio.

Truth is in the steady gaze of pure awareness.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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