Being Kind To Our Self

Our self is an immature infant, and likes nothing better than to grab hold and claim everything it sees. It has absolutely no reality, because it is merely a set of ideas. That’s okay, as this is all it has learnt; to play games. All the while, professor pure consciousness looks on kindly. The professor’s problem is that it had become attached to the infant.

Truth starts with seeing clearly, rather than seeing through a glass darkly. When we see clearly, we are happy because the clarity of immediate, pure perception is present, now. That is our first nature. When we see darkly, we are unhappy as we don’t get what we want. Wanting has become our second nature, and our journey into pure consciousness starts by seeing the darkness of our fixations. Actually, that is also the end of our journey!

Fixations are seen by virtue of the light of pure consciousness. That is the ultimate truth. It is the reason we meditate – to see directly. Practice doesn’t mean there is more light; the light is just more constant. When the light is on, we leave the switch alone. Meditation isn’t like a cat staring in hope at a mouse hole. Meditation is just recognising that seeing is present. Being hopeless. A cat’s nature is to hunt, but we don’t kick the cat for this behaviour … we stroke it. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Kindness is seeing our self reacting, and not feeling guilty about this. We all have a shadowy self, which is confused about its reality because it has no reality. If we react, this shadow causes more darkness and creates more suffering. We know that this shadow isn’t our truly reality, and that there is more to us. Being kind is being aware of the cause of this shadow, which is merely a set of memories. Our self is our teacher. It is reminding pure consciousness of the light that is present.

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  1. Tony says:

    The cat in the photo above was a friendly feral cat, who seemed to enjoy being hopeless.

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