Transferring Consciousness Into The Future

Redirecting our mind into the future becomes a substitute for dealing with whatever is happening where we are now. Transferring our attention away from the present moment to something we hope for in the future not only becomes sentimental, but also lazy.

This attitude makes our life (and the life of those around us) so much more complicated. It also gives us an excuse not to start to change our life now. We lose focus, and therefore energy. Living in hope makes us hopeless at dealing with now; “I’m too busy to help because I’m thinking about higher things, like saving others.” And so, we merely go round in righteous circles, blaming and pontificating.

The totality of the Dharma – our ultimate potential – is in this moment now, just being present, without contaminating comments on cultural ideas.

We know enough from our past to change our future.
Life changes when we are present now,
un-fixated and flexible.

In one sense, the world will never be perfect.
In another sense, it is perfect.
These are the perfect conditions for growth.

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